Англоязычные ресурсы:

Philosophical Organisations on the Internet
Aberdeen Philosophy Society
American Philosophical Association
Bjorn's Guide To Philosophy
British Society for Ethical Theory
British Society for the Philosophy of Science
Canadian Philosophical Association.

Single Philosophers
Augustine on the Internet
Francis Bacon
Emile Durkheim
Kurt Godel Society
Hegel Society of America
Hume Society Web Page
Existentialist: Jean-Paul Sartre
Ludwig Wittgenstein.

Ancient Philosophy
From Anaxagoras to Aristotle
Classical Rethorics
Exploring Ancient World Cultures
Parmenides of Elea
The Philosophy Garden
Plato's Cave allegory
Plato and his Dialogues: a home
Socrates: Philosophy's Martyr
Hypertext Apology by Socrates/Plato
The Last Days of Socrates
Pythagoras of Samos
Texts on Ancient Greek Philosophy
Zeno of Citium

Pre-twentieth Century Philosophy
Jeremy Bentham
George Berkeley
Auguste Comte
Rene Descartes
Ludwig Feuerbach
Johann Fichte
Hegel Society of America
Hegel By Hypertext
William Hamilton
Thomas Hobbes
Thomas Hobbes
Thomas Hobbes
Hume Society Web Page
The Hume Archives
Immanuel Kant - Links
Kierkegaard on the Internet
The Leibniz Page
Machiavelli Online Resources
James Mill
James Mill
Friedrich Nietzsche Society
The Nietzsche Page at UCS
Blaise Pascal
Jean Jacques Rousseau
Arthur Schopenhauer
Spinoza's Insights
Studia Spinoziana
Baruch Spinoza















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