Philosophical links

Philosophical organisations

Aberdeen Philosophy Society
Based at Aberdeen University. Includes general information about the society. And an internet resource page.
American Philosophical Association
“The American Philosophical Association is the main professional organization for philosophers in the United States. Founded in 1900, its mission is to promote the exchange of ideas among philosophers, to encourage creative and scholarly activity in philosophy, to facilitate the professional work and teaching of philosophers, and to represent philosophy as a discipline.”
Bjorn’s Guide To Philosophy
A general philosophy site. Very well done. Includes links; interactive pages; contacts; etc.
British Society for Ethical Theory
This site includes some general information about the group, as well as links to other philosophy resources on the net.
British Society for the Philosophy of Science
Just an information page.
Canadian Philosophical Association
This site provides information on philosophy in Canada.
The Carnegie Mellon English Server
Resources include both recent papers and classic texts in philosophy.
Chinese Philosophy Bibliography As the title says, a bibliography of Chinese philosophical resources.
Chris’ Philosophy Page A nice general site. Under construction at the moment, but showing lots of potential.
Eastern and Western Philosophy
Resources and links by Prakash Arumugan.
Episteme Links
“It has thousands of links to philosophy material, an extensive bookstore section, image galleries, and provides various services to interested parties (newsletters, etc.)”.
Essays on Philosophical Counseling
A review article on philosophical counseling by Dr Christian Perring.
Experimental Australasian Philosophy WWW Server
This site is a gateway to a loose affiliation of web sites providing a range of information for and about the philosophical community in Australia and New Zealand
Giacobazzi’s Philosophy Links. A links page with groovy music!
A Guide to Philosophy on the Internet
A huge links site, maintained by Peter Suber.
International Philosophy Preprint Exchange
A site where preprints of forthcoming philosophy papers are exchanged and discussed.
Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
As the title suggests, an on-line philosophy encyclopedia. Can sometimes be slow to respond.
Logic, Language and Reasoning: Imperial College
This website is brought to you by a research group on Language and Reasoning Agents; their active research interests include logics of practical reasoning, natural language processing and multi-agent systems.
Marxism Page
Comprehensive and committed site.
Nanavira Thera Dhamma Page
A treatment of the relationship between early Buddhist thought and modern existentialism/phenomenology.
One stop Philosophy Departments
Probably the most comprehensive collection of philosophy department links on the internet. A sub-section of Sean’s One Stop Philosophy Shop (below).
Pathways to Philosophy A distance learning programme. The Philosophy Society of Britain.
Philosophy for Children at Deakin University
As the title implies, a site concerning philosophy and children. Can be slow to respond.
Philosophical Discussion and Ideas
An award winning site by James E. Petts, mainly comprising discussions of a number of philosophical themes.
Philosophy Image Archive
A great site! Includes portraits, illusions and minds.
Philosophy Links
A links page split into sections like this one.
Public Sphere Philosophical Resource Centre
A general site that contains biographies, etexts, essays, student essays, student resourses and hundreds of links.
Sean’s One Stop Philosophy Shop
At one time, the jump-off point for philosophical surfing.
Tel-Aviv University philosophy links
Comprehensive and innovatively presented links page.
The Telson Spur Philosophy Links
“A swift caravel rigged for exploring the lee shores of the imagination”. The philosophy links page.
The University of Chicago Philosophy Project
This is a university run and moderated site. It is necessary to apply to join discussions on various topics. It is reasonably scholarly. At the moment, there are, amongst others, on-going discussions concerning genetics, Chomsky and The Language of Thought Hypothesis.
The Voice of the Shuttle: Web Page for Humanities Research
A very impressive, award winning site. Check it out.

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